Welcome to itsAaron.com.

itsAaron.com was created by Aaron Rodgers and David Gruber to create awareness for organizations and people who are changing the world.

Aaron Rodgers is showing up when you don’t expect him to hang out with people whose lives have been deeply impacted by the wonderful work of non-profit organizations in Wisconsin.

Imagine being born with a blood disorder, and now you’re 8 years old dealing with more pain than is imaginable. Now imagine your little brother offers his bone-marrow to save your life. The transplant works. Your little brother is now a super hero, and you want the world to know about it. You are bursting at the seams to tell your story so you can help other kids! But how do you tell the story? Who will listen? Then the doorbell rings…

It’s Aaron.

Aaron Rodgers wants to hear your story and he’s going to help you share it with a lot of people.

That’s what itsAaron.com is all about. itsAaron.com is a reminder and an opportunity. It’s a reminder that each one of us can make a big difference in our community. It’s an opportunity to get involved. Be inspired. Be involved.

Aaron Rodgers and David Gruber believe that each of us can make a difference in our community, whether it be with time, talents or money. We can all work together to make our world better.

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