David Gruber Letter

Thank you for visiting itsAaron.com!

Aaron and I have partnered together to create itsAaron.com because of our shared passion for making a difference in our community. I am very proud and feel very privileged and honored to be part of itsAaron.com.

My family and I genuinely believe it is our obligation to give back to the community, to help in any manner possible. We strongly believe that each and every one of us has a responsibility to stand up for others and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to do just that. Partnering with Aaron to create itsAaron.com has provided us a platform to raise awareness for inspirational individuals and organizations that are truly making a difference in our community.

In the first season of itsAaron.com, Aaron and I were privileged to be able to focus on the children and families involved with the MACC Fund, a truly worthwhile organization that strives to cure childhood cancer and blood disorders through research. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see season 1 of itsAaron.com, and the amazing children and families highlighted, please make sure you take the time to do so. Season 1 featured children and families whose lives had been turned upside down when the doctor uttered the words “cancer” and “sickle cell anemia” and the success stories of these three children. Aaron and I continue our passion for the MACC Fund.

The second season of itsAaron.com was equally exciting and eye-opening for both Aaron and me. We had the privilege of visiting with young adults actively involved in three different organizations, each of which play an important role in our community and provide support for the children and their families. Operation Dream, Independence First, and Journey House, are unbelievable organizations that all play a significant role in our community. Each and every child that Aaron and I had the opportunity to spend time with during the filming of season 2 of itsAaron.com taught us about fortitude – the ability to achieve your goals despite obstacles that may be placed in front of you. All of us can learn a valuable lesson from Freddie, Antwan, Kelly, Nancy, Leslian and Natalyn. They have all persevered and, no doubt, will become valuable assets to our community. Please check out season 2 of itsAaron.com if you haven’t already seen it.

Each season of itsAaron.com focuses on our youth. The third season is no exception. Aaron and I had the absolute privilege of spending the day with young adults that have endured situations that none of us would like our children to be faced with. Yet, they have all persevered. Adults could certainly learn many life-lessons from these young adults. It was very special, very meaningful, very inspiring! We visited great kids, organizations, and venues on a very beautiful, sunshine-filled Sunday. Both Aaron and I feel very strongly that our “children are our future” and are proud to highlight organizations that are truly making a difference in the lives of “our children.” We hope that you too will be enlightened and moved by the children and organizations we focused on during season 3. Our ultimate hope is that everyone realizes that each and every one of us can make a difference in the lives of someone else and that, together, we can all make a difference. Please get involved! And stay tuned….There’s more to come! There is just so much “positivity” and Aaron and I would like to share these shining moments with you.

David Gruber

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